Build up the overall management system of retail businesses VINAGIAY

Vina-Shoesis the largest footwear manufacturer, trader and supplier for domestic and foreign markets, seizing the opportunities and challenges of the digitization work Vinagiay chose ICSC to digitize the



  • Develop a custom business overall management system specifically for the mechanical manufacturing and manufacturing management industry to transform all operations of information management, knowledge, warehouse, warehouse integration production, purchase, sale, delivery ….
  • Build a compact information system, optimize all operations in the company

Our Solution

  • Use Odoo to customize according to your complex requirements
  • Continuous coordination with customers to customize the system to promptly handle problems arising in the project implementation

Point-of-sale module

Retail Management

  • Manage points of sale
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Free packaging
  • Voucher management
  • Issue gift vouchers with face value
  • Earn points
  • Payment by card
  • Employee promotion
  • Income and expenditure at safe
  • Close session & amp; open session
  • Record sales on salespeople
  • Multi-session support
  • Return the goods

Warranty repair management

  • Get warranty on POS, automatically generate repair orders
  • Fix types of direct pricing on POS, into 1 product group
  • Managing the repairing process: rotating / Transferring the goods to the nearest repair center, checking the capacity of the repair, Returning the goods to the point of sale

Human Resource Management

  • Manage acknowledgment
  • Contract
  • Administration for permission
  • Shift management still charges the same salary
  • Salary management, pay attention to salary regulations for holidays according to labor law
  • Commission rate
  • Bonuses based on base sales, configurable volumes
  • For quarterly sales debt
  • Review sales debt

Communication management

  • Managing internal communications
  • Manage information exchange through group chat
  • Save your communications
  • Manage notices, internal communication for the whole company, department
  • Integrate email into the system

Warehouse Management

  • archive

  • Rotate stock

  • Manage packaging standards

  • Manage repositories and locations

  • Manage repository operations

  • Manage inventory norms

  • Allow end-of-session logging

  • Sales statistics