HR – Payroll Management System

Our HRM solution saves 60 min per employee per day helping them focus on business growth. This module is designed to help HR and payroll teams perform their roles. It includes:

  • Workflow and employee self-service facilities to help reduce duplication
  • Inquiry, reporting and analysis tools help managers gain a clearer insight into an organization’s resources.

What does the HR & Payroll software do

Our HR and Payroll offers a comprehensive range of tools to help manage everyday tasks more effectively.
Our Human Resources includes:

  • Personnel administration to manage the employee lifecycle.
  • Competence analysis to enable human resources to define the organization’s skills matrix and to identify strengths of employees and applicants.
  • Recruitment support, to collect applicant data and competencies and track the hiring process with business alerts and reminder tasks.
  • Absence monitoring and tracking for full absence management reporting.
  • Employee travel and expense handling
  • Microsoft Word and Excel integration to automate the creation of employee and applicant letters, forms and reports based on master file data.

Our Payroll System includes:

  • Enabling complete payroll configuration and the definition of unlimited payments and deductions (P&D) codes to create distinct pay structures.
  • Functionality for payroll simulation, re-runs, reversal and back-pay calculations to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.
  • Simplified administration of payroll by defining employees’ position.
  • General ledger analysis that is linked to different positions to ensure accurate allocation of costs.


Human Resource Management

Create org hierarchies, personalize the home page & set form & report rights for each user level. Generate N number of HRIS reports using the report designer & employee search engine

Performance Management

Create any kind of PMS like 180 or 360 degree system based on competencies & KRAs weightages for each group & generate bell curve analysis

Learning Management

Create LMS based on training cycles, identify training needs, get feedbacks & monitor competencies acquired

Recruitment Management

Upload staff requisitions on jobsites to automatically download relevant candidates CVs & conduct tests, interviews, generate offer letters & convert selected candidates data into employees rapidly

Attendance Management

Pick up real time attendance data from any reader automatically globally & calculate very powerful late coming, early going and overtime policies.

Leave Management

HR software has a global leave module-we can set leave system for any firm worldwide however complicated in a few hours.

Payroll Software

Even if you have the most complex payroll in the world, payroll software can handle it. Create unlimited pay heads using very powerful formulae & parameters to calculate loan, bonus, salary & tax calculations

Travel & Helpdesk Mgmt

Any kind of workflow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

Project Management

Using IHRM humarn resource management software you create client projects, assign employees, monitor their timesheets & work out project profitabilities.