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Experience the convenience of our comprehensive app that connects customers, doctors, pharmacies, and delivery personnel. Find nearby and online doctors, access e-consultations, and have medicines delivered right to your doorstep with a simple tap. Our React Native-based solution ensures compatibility across Android and iOS devices, providing a seamless user experience.

Features Of Our Health-Medi Connect Apps

We’ve enhanced our Health-Medi Connect Apps with the following features to ensure superior software performance.

Connect with Nearby and Online Doctors

Our app allows you to easily find and connect with doctors in your vicinity. You can view their profiles, specialties, and ratings to choose a doctor that best suits your needs. If physical distance is a barrier or you’re looking for a specialist consultation, our app also lets you find online doctors, expanding your options beyond geographical boundaries.

Video Calls and E-Prescriptions

To ensure you receive care when you need it the most, our app features a video call option that allows for virtual consultation with doctors. After the consultation, doctors can issue electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) directly through the app. This ensures you have a digital record of your prescription, eliminating the chance of misplacing or losing it.

Multi-Pharmacy System and Hospital Management

The app features a comprehensive multi-pharmacy system that allows you to order medicines from multiple pharmacies. This gives you the flexibility to choose based on factors such as pricing, availability of medicines, delivery time, and more. Additionally, the app also has features to facilitate hospital management, making it easier for healthcare providers to manage appointments, patient records, and other hospital operations.

User Profiles and Informative Blogs/News

Every user gets a personalized profile, storing their medical history, appointment schedules, prescriptions, and more. This helps maintain a systematic record and ensures seamless communication with doctors and pharmacies. To keep you informed and aware, our app also features blogs and news related to healthcare topics.

Flexible Payment Methods, including PayPal and other

Catering to the digital age, our app offers a variety of flexible payment options. Traditional payment methods like credit cards are supported, but you can also use digital wallets like PayPal for transactions.

Business Benefits of choosing our Our Health-Medi Connect Apps

Comprehensive Solution

Our platform combines doctor consultations, a multi-pharmacy system, and a hospital management app, making it a comprehensive healthcare solution.

Access to Healthcare

Connect with doctors both locally and online, expanding the accessibility to quality healthcare services.

Digital Consultations

The platform offers video calls and e-prescriptions, allowing users to consult with healthcare professionals without leaving their homes.

Management Features

With hospital management features, healthcare institutions can streamline and automate their processes, improving efficiency and patient care.

Multi-Pharmacy System

Users can browse through various pharmacies, offering a wider range of products and competitive pricing.

Educational Content

The provision of informative blogs and news allows users to stay updated on health topics and trends.

Flexible Payment Options

The app accepts various payment methods, including PayPal and more, providing convenience for every user.


Built on the React Native framework, the app ensures compatibility across Android and iOS devices and offers a seamless user experience.

Our Product Package Includes

Admin Panel

The heart of the system, where admins can manage and oversee all operations. Features include user management, doctor/pharmacy/delivery partner management, appointment tracking, payment tracking, and content management. Admins also have access to various reports and analytics to help improve the service.

Customer App

This is where users can find and consult with doctors either nearby or online. They can manage their profiles, book appointments, receive e-prescriptions, order medications from multiple pharmacies, and read informative blogs/news. The app also provides multiple payment options, including PayPal and more.

Doctor App

Doctors can manage their profiles, set their availability, accept appointments, conduct consultations via video calls, and provide e-prescriptions. They can also access patient history and reports to provide better healthcare services.

Pharmacy App

Pharmacies can list their products, manage inventory, receive and manage orders, track payments, and interact with customers and delivery partners.

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partners can accept delivery tasks, access optimal routes for delivery, update delivery status, and interact with pharmacies and customers.