Website builder SAAS platform (Multitenancy)

Website Builder SAAS Platform (Multitenancy)

Introducing our Website Builder solution, designed to empower your end-users to create their own business or ecommerce websites in just minutes. With our user-friendly platform, anyone can build a professional website without technical expertise.

Features of Our Website Builder SAAS Platform

We’ve enhanced our Website Builder SAAS Platform with the following features to ensure superior software performance.

Multi-lingual and RTL Support

The frontend of the business websites is compatible with multiple languages and supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, ensuring a seamless user experience for a global audience.

Flexible Package Management

Create unlimited monthly, yearly, or lifetime packages with complete control over the included features. Set packages as Free, Trial, Premium, or customize them to meet your specific requirements. Define trial periods for trial packages.

User Dashboard

Engage users with a dedicated dashboard where they can easily manage their subscriptions, create multilingual business websites, and generate unlimited vCards. The user’s websites and vCards are also RTL supported.

Advanced QR Builder

Users can leverage our QR Builder to create customized QR codes for any URL, using various filters and options. This enables them to enhance their marketing strategies and drive more traffic to their online presence.

Custom Domain/Subdomain Support

Users can showcase their business websites and vCards using their own custom domain, subdomain ({username}.your_domain_name), or path-based URL (your_domain_name/{username}).

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamlessly collect membership payments through various payment gateways, including popular options like PayPal and Stripe.

Additional Features

Take advantage of convenient features like Drag & Drop Menu Builder and Popup Banner Builder to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the websites. Our Website Builder solution empowers users to create professional, feature-rich websites with ease. Start offering this powerful tool to your customers today and help them establish a strong online presence.

Features of Our Website Builder SAAS Platform

Market Ready

Easy to Operate

A Proven and Tested Platform

Cut cost, time and third-party integration for your Clients

Highlights of the platform

Payments Gateways

Multipurpose themes

Flexible pricing plan

Free trial System

User friendly Dashboard

Enhanced Security Methods

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention

Our platform includes preventative measures against CSRF attacks, which try to trick your site into running unauthorized commands. By validating requests and incorporating anti-CSRF tokens, we ensure that all website activities are initiated by verified users, safeguarding your site from malicious exploits.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention

We employ mechanisms to prevent XSS attacks, which involve injecting harmful scripts into your web pages. Our website builder automatically encodes data, filters input, and separates untrusted data, making your website secure from such threats.

Password Hashing

We make sure your passwords are not stored as plain text. Our platform implements password hashing, a method where a unique, irreversible cryptographic function is used to encrypt passwords. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to decipher the original password, even if they gain access to the hash.

Avoiding SQL Injection

We utilize parameterized queries and prepared statements to secure your website against SQL injection attacks. These are nefarious practices where attackers can manipulate SQL queries to access and manipulate your database. By ensuring all SQL queries are structured correctly and safely, we protect your data and keep your website secure.