Marketing – SEO Service
Marketing – SEO Service
On-Site Marketing Manage Fanpage Video Marketing Facebook Ad Creation & Management Tiktok Video Ads Create, run & manage Google Ad Setup and optimize tiktok ads campain
On-site marketing
Price: 16.000.000 VND
Website Assessment, Analysis, and Evaluation
Quantity: Under 50 pages
This includes reviewing and assessing your website to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This process involves examining the content, page structure, user experience…
Optimizing the website according to SEO standards based on a report that includes code adjustments for the website
Quantity: Under 50 pages
After evaluating the website, this service proceeds to optimize the website to meet standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements. This includes modifying the website’s source code to ensure it complies with the rules and guidelines of search engines like Google. The adjustments may encompass optimizing headers, meta tags, link structures, page loading speed, and various other factors.
Facebook Fanpage Management and Content Creation
Price: 3.000.000 VND/Month

Fanpage Management

We will take care of managing your Fanpage, including updating images, contact information, and creating new posts. We will engage with your followers on the Fanpage, ensuring they receive attention quickly and effectively.

Content Creation on Fanpage

We will create and write high-quality posts on your Fanpage. Each month, we will write 40 well-crafted posts tailored to your Fanpage, with the goal of producing engaging and valuable content for your target audience. These posts will be adjusted to align with your business niche and content.

Content Optimization

We will use content optimization techniques to enhance the content delivered to your followers.

Monthly Reporting:

We will provide monthly reports on the performance of your Fanpage, including interaction metrics, follower growth, and other relevant data. These reports will help you understand the development of your Fanpage and evaluate the service's performance.

Marketing Video Making

Price: Starting from 3,900,000 VND/clip

Collecting Video Topic Information
We will work together with you to gather detailed information about the video’s topic, content, and visuals. This includes understanding the message you want to convey and other crucial elements such as objectives, target audience, and specific content details.
We will write a detailed script for the video based on the information and your requirements. The script will include ideas for both visuals and content to ensure the video has a logical structure and is engaging.
Video Editing
We will proceed with video editing to create a finished product. This includes cutting and splicing, adding audio and visual effects, enhancing colors and lighting, and making any necessary edits to ensure the video is of high quality and ready for publishing.
Note: The video will have a maximum duration of 3 minutes. We offer up to 3 rounds of feedback and editing. If the video requires specific features and complex processing, the cost will be estimated based on actual requirements.
Facebook Ads Campaign Creation and Management
Price: 16,800,000 VND/month
Note: This cost does not include advertising expenses.

Campaign Creation

We will create advertising campaigns on the Facebook advertising platform with clear objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, boosting website traffic, or enhancing sales.

Ad Set Creation

We will generate an ad set comprising various ads to test their performance and select the best-performing variations.

Ad Creation

We will use the images or videos you provide to craft engaging ad content. Ensuring the content accurately reflects the product or service you wish to promote.

Research and Setting Up Target Groups

We will delve into your target customers and create target groups based on interests, habits, and other factors. This ensures that the ads reach the right people.

Setting Demographic Targeting

We will utilize demographic criteria like age, gender, occupation, geographical location, and other factors to define the target audience.

Installing Facebook Pixel

We will set up Facebook Pixel on your website, such as WordPress, Shopify, or a custom website. This helps track and evaluate ad performance.

Retargeting Ads

We will employ retargeting ads to reach individuals who have previously interacted with your website or products. This can optimize ROI.

Campaign Optimization

We will continually monitor and optimize campaigns over time. This includes adjusting ads, audience targeting, and advertising budgets to ensure optimal performance.

Google Ads Campaign
Creation and Management
Price: 12.000.000 VND/Month
Note: This cost does not include advertising expenses.

Campaign Organization and Configuration

Firstly, we will arrange and configure the advertising campaign. This involves determining the campaign structure, detailed settings, and basic settings like language, budget, and ad display schedule.

Conducting Research on Relevant Keywords

We will conduct keyword research to identify keywords that are relevant to your product or service. This ensures that your ads will appear when users search for related keywords.

Enhancing Ads Using Ad Extensions

We will utilize ad extensions to make your ads stand out. This may include text extensions, website link extensions, and phone number extensions.

TOptimizing the Target Audience

We will identify the target audience based on age, gender, interests, and other factors. This ensures that ads are displayed to potential individuals who are likely to be interested.

Managing Bids

We will set up and manage bids for each keyword and ad. This ensures that you use your advertising budget effectively and optimize profitability.

Implementing Negative Keywords

We will identify negative keywords, which are keywords you want to exclude from the campaign to avoid spending budget on unrelated cases.

Targeting Specific Locations and Demographics

For local campaigns or those targeting specific regions, we will focus on specific locations and define demographic criteria to optimize ad display.

Scheduling Ads

We will set up ad schedules to determine when ads are displayed, such as times of the day or specific days of the week.

Tiktok Ads Video Creation
3 videos
Price: Starting from 10.800.000 VND

Video Editing

We will edit the videos to make them visually appealing and professional.

Script Writing

We will create scripts for the video to ensure your message is conveyed clearly.

30-Second Duration

Our created video ads will not exceed 30 seconds to maintain audience attention.


We will select the appropriate orientation for each video, such as vertical or horizontal.

Product Imagery

Clear product images will be prominently displayed in the video to capture viewers' attention.

Voiceover Recording

If needed, we will use voiceover recordings to provide additional information or detailed explanations about your product or service.

TikTok Ads Video Creating

We will create TikTok video ads with the following elements:

Introduction: Engagingly introduce your product or service at the beginning of the video.
Bot Voiceover: Utilize appropriate automated voiceovers for each video.
Script: Craft impressive scripts for the videos.
Sound: Choose suitable soundtracks or sound effects to enhance the video.
Effects: Add special effects to make the video more exciting.
External Video Sourcing: If necessary, we will incorporate external video sources to enhance the video.
Tiktok Ads Campaign Creation and Management
Price: 12.000.000 VND/Month

Manage Up to 10 Ads

We offer a service to manage up to 10 advertising campaigns, including retargeting, conversion tracking, video ad creation, and providing statistical reports within a 10-day period.

Setup TikTok Ads Campaigns

We will configure TikTok advertising campaigns to achieve specific objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, attracting customer interest, and driving conversions or transactions.

Create a Free Video for Each Campaign

In each campaign, we will create an engaging video ad using suitable and popular TikTok music. There will be no charge for this video.

Research Targeted Audience

We will research and select a suitable target audience to generate sales for your business.

Set Up Multiple Ad Sets with Clear Goals

We will create multiple ad sets with specific goals to achieve desired results for each part of the campaign.

Low CPM, CPA, and High Conversion Rate

Our aim is to achieve a low cost per thousand impressions (CPM), low cost per action (CPA), and a high conversion rate to optimize ad performance.

Daily Ad Budget Optimization

We manage and optimize the daily ad budget to ensure efficient resource utilization and campaign goals are met.

Setup TikTok Pixel

We will install the TikTok Pixel tracking code on your website, helping track user activities after they interact with your ads.

Send Daily Campaign Analytics Report

We will provide daily reports on campaign performance, including data and statistics related to TikTok ads.