ICSC is excited to announce the opening of our new office space! Our team has been hard at work designing and building a space that is not only functional, but also beautiful and comfortable for our employees.

The new office boasts a large area with plenty of space for everyone to spread out and work comfortably. We have also included a variety of nooks and corners throughout the space to provide our team members with different areas to work and relax. Whether you need a quiet spot to focus or a cozy corner to brainstorm with colleagues, our new office has it all.

We know how important it is for our employees to have access to all the amenities they need, which is why we have included a fully-stocked pantry in the new space. Our team members can now enjoy fresh coffee, snacks, and meals right in the office, without having to leave the building. This helps to create a more comfortable and convenient working environment, where our employees can focus on what they do best – their work!

In addition to the pantry, we have also included a spacious and welcoming lounge area for our employees to enjoy their lunch breaks and relax during their downtime. With comfortable seating and natural lighting, this area is the perfect place to unwind and recharge before diving back into work.

We are proud of our new office space and are thrilled to provide our employees with such a comfortable and functional work environment. Our team members are our greatest asset, and we believe that investing in their comfort and well-being will only help us to continue to grow and succeed as a company.

We look forward to welcoming our employees to the new space and are excited to see all the amazing work that they will produce in this beautiful new environment.