Building the overall management system of Mamamy


Mamamy is one of the largest brands in Vietnam market in terms of manufacturing & amp; Provide safe and best child care products. Businesses are growing stronger, making management more and more difficult, so Mamamy has cooperated with ICSC to convert, upgrade and modernize applications in management to make management easier and easier. easier than ever.


  • Build a custom business master management system specifically for the child care production management industry to transform all operations of information management, knowledge, warehouse, warehouse integration Smart goods, production, purchase, sales, delivery ….
  • Build a compact information system, optimize all operations in the company

Our Solution

  • Use Odoo to customize according to your complex requirements
  • Continuous coordination with customers to customize the system to promptly handle problems arising in the project implementation

Deployment Features

Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vacation Management
  • Manage shift salary calculation, shift shift for employees
  • Salary management, salary regulations for holidays according to labor law
  • Create, delete, export payroll
  • Manage attendance, work time
  • Manage bonuses, commissions according to background revenue, and configure sales
  • Develop commission regulations
  • For quarterly sales debt
  • Manage sales debt checks
  • Manage recruiting human resources: create new vacancies, add candidate resumes …
Retail Management
  • Retail Point Management
  • Sales Manager
  • Manage promotions
  • Gift Management
  • Voucher management
  • Issue gift vouchers with face value
  • Earn points for purchases
  • Pay for your order by card
  • Employee promotions
  • Income and expenditure at safe
  • Close session & amp; open session
  • Recognizing sales of salespeople
  • Supports multiple sales sessions
  • Return Management
  • Electronic invoice management
Inventory management
  • Import Management
  • Stock rotation management
  • Packaging Standards Management
  • Warehouse and Warehouse Management
  • Manage repository operations
  • Manage inventory norms
  • Allow end-of-session inventory logging
  • Sales statistics
Information exchange management
  • Managing internal communications
  • Manage information exchange through Group chat
  • Save your communications
  • Managing internal announcements for whole companies and departments
  • Integrate email into the system
Purchase manager
  • Buy Now
  • Manage Supplier Data
  • Managing demand for purchase
  • Manage quotes, orders
Production manager
  • Production Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Production capacity management
  • Production operations management