Design and optimize website BeautyMedi beauty care

BeautyMedi is the leading beauty and beauty care brand in Vietnam, with the cooperation of experts from the US, Korea & amp; Japan. ICSC has optimized the design and website to increase marketing efficiency and brand awareness on the Internet. New applied technologies such as Flash, HTML5, CSS 3. ICSC is also responsible for designing, developing systems and updating data according to the necessary standards to support improving the ranking of words key on the Internet.

Customer Inquiry

  • Building a website to introduce the beauty and beauty care brand together with the criteria of luxury, eye-catching and high brand recognition
  • Friendly interface to match current aesthetic tastes and trends.
  • Website is compatible on all devices.
  • Use new technology in line with future technology development trends

Our Solution

  • Apply new technology like Flash, HTML5, CSS3
  • Design interface according to customer criteria, optimize design to improve marketing efficiency while enhancing brand awareness on Internet
  • Continuously coordinate with customers to customize the system, update data according to necessary standards to improve the ranking of keywords searching on the Internet