Build up the overall management system for the COSMOS precision mechanical processing enterprise

COSMOS was born and developed as a 100% domestic company, committed to providing the best quality, most affordable products to serve domestic companies. and foreign partner. With advanced Japanese and Taiwanese machinery lines and staff with high skills and passion for work, COSMOS has contributed to building a strong foothold for customers and prestige. credit is growing in the domestic motorcycle auto parts manufacturing industry.


  • Develop a custom business overall management system specifically for the mechanical manufacturing and manufacturing management industry to transform all operations of information management, knowledge, warehouse, warehouse integration production, purchase, sale, delivery ….
  • Build a compact information system, optimize all operations in the company

Our Solution

  • Use Odoo to customize according to your complex requirements
  • Continuous coordination with customers to customize the system to promptly handle problems arising in the project implementation

Deployment Features

Information Management

  • Management of LLNB/TB/QD/CV
  • Manage Meeting Minutes
  • Schedule Management
  • Email/Message Management

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge
  • Document Management
  • Manage Posts

Project Management

  • Create Project/Work Plan
  • Setting up stages for the Project
  • Set up permissions for the project
  • Create quests. Assign Reviewers/Executives.
  • Auto-prompt
  • Assign state transitions to task

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Manage Signatures
  • Authorization Management
  • Setting Job Positions/Job Description
  • Recruitment management
  • Training Manager
  • Contract Management/Contract Addendum
  • Work history management
  • Manage job title/position challenges
  • Working time management
  • Reward/Discipline Management
  • Manage monthly reviews
  • Management of periodic reviews (Considering year-end bonus, salary increase)
  • Insurance Management
  • Food Management
  • Labor protection management
  • Environmental Management
  • Salary Management

Warehouse Management

  • Repositories

  • Manage Products

  • Packaging Standards Management

  • Manage consumable goods receipt

  • Manage repositories and locations

  • Manage repository operations

    & nbsp;

Sales Manager

  • Sales
  • Managing customer data
  • Clue, opportunity
  • Expected Order
  • Actual Orders

Production Management

  • Production
  • Machinery and equipment management, jig
  • Production capacity
  • Production operations management

Purchase Management

  • Shop
  • Data management provider
  • Manage demand for purchase
  • Manage quotes, orders

Delivery Management

  • Delivery
  • Manage delivery vehicles
  • Delivery Vehicle Management
  • Schedule a delivery for outside loading
  • Manage delivery trucks