OpenERP Intergration for Manufacturing & Retail


  • OpenERP 7


  • Provide an OpenERP solution including the following modules: Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, POS
  • Efficient development of customer specific solutions while, at the same time, pursuing standardization.
  • Transparently mapping the logistical procedures with Traceable lot-related production.
  • Control up-front profit segment and cost. Clearly identify cost  drivers through transparent accounting procedures and cost management.


  • Efficiency in end-to-end business processes by  streamlining the internal and external operations.
  • Improved decision making through achievement of data integrity and real-time reporting.
  • Better inventory control by eliminating manual processes and by improving inventory accuracy.
  • Improved monitoring, managing, and controlling of
    primary sales data.
  • Planning, execution and reducing costs.
  • Optimized production control by facilitating efficient
  • Efficient quality management by handling traditional
    quality tasks: planning, inspection, certification, notification and control.
  • Better accounting practices, fully compliant with Vietnam Accounting Standard.
  • Improved financial control, gained visibility into the
  • organization with financial and management accounting functionality.


Green field implementation to a company that had never used an ERP solution. Only applied seperated software for managing seperately
To provide a solution for 60,000 SKUs with different sizes, color, style…
Warehouse control procedures were not in place.

There were almost no tools to support information integration, most of the logistics operations were manually logged.
    Information was not transparent among business and operation units which led to inefficient planning and operation.
    Simplify processes and consolidate activities where possible.
    Preparedness for future expansion plans.
    Standardization of business processes and integration in a single ERP system


  • Ninh Khương


Founded 2001, Ninh Khương is the pioneer brand in bringing the embroidery art in daily life. Together with the expand the target market from the domestic customers  to the foreign customers, Ninh Khuong signed the contract with ICSC with the aim of improving the ability of supporting their automatic service on OpenERP systems.

OpenERP system sufficiently support the source of supply as well as build a better inventory control by eliminating manual processes and by improving inventory accuracy, retail store chains...
Till now, Ninh Khương has been cultivating many achivements thanks to OpenERP system.