As customers get more discerning, managing niche requirements of a resort property can be a challenge. It can also take a large amount of manpower. Providing your customers a seamless holiday experience, responding rapidly to their requests and still keeping costs in check require the backing of a powerful and intelligent hospitality ERP..

A Hospitality ERP is a comprehensive application that allows your property to access end to end integration and seamlessly access real-time updates from one department to the next with the scroll of the mouse.

With your staff having a full time jobof customer management, your resort needs a software that is robust, offers 100% application uptime and easily integrates with other software applications on your premises.

Your Resort Can Benefit from a Comprehensive Hospitality ERP

You will discover a great way to manage your resort efficiently, without costs escalating. ICSC Hospitality ERP lets you mange you resort regardless of its size or location. Our R&D team has spent years developing comprehensive software that is user-friendly, easy to use and robust for all types of resorts, including beach resorts, mountain resorts, holiday resorts and others. Our applications are being refined and improved all the while to ensure your resort keep pace with changing technological requirements.

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Technology plays an important role in…

• Front Office Management
• Point of Sales
• Accounts Receivable
• Sales & Marketing
• Banquets
• Telephone Management
• Materials Management
• Food & Beverages Costing
• Financial Management
• HR and Payroll
• Maintenance Management
• Quality Management
• SMS Alert