ICSC creates cinema solutions that help you attain labor, cost and profit goals. Our tools (formerly known as "Radiant") enable you to deliver great services, from ticketing and concession to film management, security and more. Implemented alone or as an integrated suite, our solutions help you drive growth, build customer loyalty and improve your operations. Our product line of kiosks and self-service solutions extends our cinema solution set, helping you reduce long customer queues.

Cinema POS for Ticketing and Concessions
Increase speed of service, sell more and improve customer satisfaction

Cinema In-Seat Dining with Handheld POS
Enhance the in-seat dining experience by iICSC ease and the speed of service as well as create the ultimate movie experience.

Cinema Film Management
Function in tracking film information, automating administrative functions, and scheduling and managing payments.

Cinema Reporting and Analytics
Allow users to experience real-time customized cinema metrics, mobile dashboards and multiple reporting options

Cinema Site Management
Help operation more efficiently, centralize pricing and control inventory

Cinema Loyalty Marketing and Gift Cards
Define and manage loyalty programs, maximize sales opportunities and leverage customer intelligence to target your market.

Cinema Mobile Applications
From mobile applications for ushers to consumer-facing apps, ICSC is committed to providing you with anytime, anywhere access.

Cinema Security Services
Provide advanced security features that speed up problem resolution while protecting your systems and consumer data.

Cinema Digital Signage
Promote specific menu items and change menus frequently with digital menu board technology from ICSC