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iMLM Enterprise-The world's Best MLM Software application

ICSC’s iMLM MLM Software uses the proprietary MLM Builder engine and It’s also the best MLM Software available to empower your network marketing company.

The iMLM MLM tracking Software is as simple as point and click. It is the MLM software that empowers you to run your company 24x7x365 without relying on webmasters, designers or techies.

The iMLM MLM program manages every function of your business more effectively. iMLM network marketing software ties key business operations together, including: distributor management, commissions, inventory management, marketing, sales, order entry, shipping and receiving iMLM software is a powerful e-commerce platform that will transform your MLM opportunity into a productive and profitable powerhouse.

Internationalization Internationalization
More than just countries & currencies . On a country by country basis you can set products, enrollment options, pricing, designs / skins from a central location.
Compensation Plans Compensation Plans
Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Hybrid, Stair-Step, Breakaway and Australian. Since 2006 we have programmed 1000's of compensation plans.
Bonuses Available Bonuses
If you need it, we get it: First Order, Retail Sales, Fast Start, Fast Start 2-Up, Matching, Infinity, Generational, Customer Acquisition, Bonus Pools and more.
Replicated Websites
Replicated Websites
Every distributor receives their own replicated website from a range of design you define as well as their own editable support page.
Distributor Back Office Distributor Back Office
Today's distributor demands data related to their business in real time. Your distributors have access to real time data, commission histories and marketing tools.
Genealogies Genealogies
  iMLM's genealogies provide the information that the field needs most. You determine what information is displayed in the downline genealogies
AutoShips AutoShip
AutoShip is a key to generating recurring revenue for your company and commissionable volume for your distributors; multiple schedules supported (e.g. wk, mo, etc.) 
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart
From category management through sales to the point and click managment of products and SKUs (stock keeping units) by administrators, MarkePowerPRO has it all. 
Enrollment Enrollment
You are in complete control of what members must purchase at the time of enrollment, optionally purchase and what data they are required to provide.
Commissions Commissions
Run, close and pay commissions at your pace. View all commissions and bonus details as well as who has earned them and how they were earned. 
Report System Report System
We offer 35 administrative reports to help satisfy your need for data. All reports are exportable to six formats.
Shipping Management Shipping Management
Pre-integrated with FedEx, UPS, USPS & DHL and non-integrated options - you choose which to use, set shipping overrides, packaging & handling fees and more. 
Communication Tools Communication Tools
iMLM comes complete with Newsletter, News, Calendar, Event & FAQ systems. You can edit all of the notifications directly from the application. 
Content Management Content Management
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor - all it takes is a keyboard & mouse to update your website; no complicated programming or HTML to learn. 
Website Management Website Management
Update your website design with the click of a button. Manage menus, add/edit pages, drag-n-drop content, upload images, documents, configure languages and more. 
User Management User Management
Search, add, edit and delete from one screen; add notes, change sponsorship, view order history, adjust commissions, add trouble tickets, update information and more. 
Merchandise & Inventory Merchandise & Inventory
Manage warehouses, receive and view inventory quantities, add/edit products, pricing, commission values, upload multiple images, set permissions and more. 
Orders Management Orders Management
The online order entry system allows you to manage existing orders and create new ones. Locate customers, add orders, enter payments, select shipping and more. 
Security Management Security Management
As a PCI software application, security is our top concern. iMLM utilizes NSA level encryption, CAPTHCA security, IP blocking, account locking and more.
Company Management Company Management
Manage company contacts, mail-merge variables, update the company logo, address, email, set registration requirements, edit cart settings, tax integration settings and more. 
Payment Management Payment Management
Integrated to 60 credit card and 10 ACH gateways with "gateway rotation" (rotate to the next gateway if you've transacted the limit through the first) and much more. 
Sales Tax Management Sales Tax Management
Pre-integrated to CCH Group for live sales tax rate calculations (requires contract with CCH Group), or you can set your own tax values using any of the available parameters.
Support Management Support Management
Every organization, small or large, must support its customers and distributors. iMLM includes a wealth of support management tools.
XML Web Service API's XML Web Service API's
Do you need to integrate with a 3rd party company, warehouse or product fulfilment center? iMLM's XML Web Services have got you covered. 

Who should you choose?

  • Which software application will best meet your requirements?
  • What is the system's capacity to grow with your company?
  • Will the developers understand Network Marketing or are they only trying to sell technology?
  • Will the system not only track genealogies and pay accurate commissions, but will it help motivate and BUILD your distributor base... in other words will the software help you grow your distributor numbers and enhance your company?
  • How stable will the software be?

There are lots of questions, but only ONE real answer...

When it comes to the MLM industry, experience, professionalism, maturity and an understanding of the business are key factors that make the difference between the success or failure of your business. When it comes to selecting MLM software, there is only one choice to seriously consider, iMLM.

ICSC Corporation was the first to bring real time web-based MLM software to the industry. All of the commercially available Internet based packages on the market today can trace their origin back to the original standards off which iMLM was conceived: "operate on the Internet and do it in real time".

In operation since 2006, ICSC thrives on setting the standard by which other network marketing software vendors measure their success. From incubation and consulting, through on-line real-time enterprise software solutions, ICSC is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales industries. With our many years of experience, you can be absolutely certain that you will receive reliable and proven user friendly software when you choose ICSC.

Our staff would be delighted to review your opportunity and provide feedback on how iMLM can be effectively used to fulfill your vision and accomplish your goals.

With the iMLM system you get everything you need to successfully operate your MLM business at a price that even the most modest of start-ups can afford. More critically, you will have the software in your hands allowing you to start making money quickly. Your iMLM system is created on-line after you answer a series of easy to understand configuration questions.

Technical Structure
Your company may not be big - YET - but when we were designing iMLM, we did so with the idea that your company will grow to epic proportions. To support exceptionally large companies, the application was built on a multi-tier service oriented architecture using the proven and reliable PHP and MySQL technologies.

The system's ease of use is made possible by the nature of its design. It is made up of several units that ensure the reliability, scalability and integrity of the entire complex.

ASP System
Our ASP, or Application Service Provider, model is the backbone of the iMLM solution. Its robust architecture and advanced .NET technology are the basis for the reliability, scalability and usability of the entire software complex. Along with the purely technical aspects, our ASP service solves certain business challenges by allowing users to take advantage of a wide array of features.

The main advantage of the ASP service is in its ability to ensure proper management of billing, sites, designs, styles, application types and the like. Another important item that the ASP model

Module Delivery Subsystem
Having built our solution on a Microsoft-based platform, we ensured increased connectivity to the marketplace by providing the ability to integrate Microsoft and third-party technologies easily. This modularity provides for greater flexibility in evolving applications.

The Module Delivery System is one of the most innovative features in the system and one that allows iMLM to stand out in the MLM software market. Key to the Module Delivery System is its ability to allow you to snap new pieces of functionality in and out of the system. If you have a vision or even an existing piece of .NET software, it can be made into a module and served via the system's user interface.

The Value of iMLM 
Our team of experienced MLM and IT professionals always subscribe to the "rule of three D's" when working with our customers - Devise, Develop and Deploy solutions that meet the needs of the unique industry we service. We deliver practical solutions built on many years of industry experience and close relationships with our clients. This approach to service provision is what allows ICSC to maintain a competitive edge in the industry year in and year out.

iMLM is a testament to the efficiency of the business approach applied throughout our company.

A combination of vision, hard work and fundamental principles form the crucible in which iMLM was forged

Our Business Approach:

  • We work with creative people to discover new approaches that solve the everyday challenges the industry and our clients are faced with.
  • We remain industry leaders by maintaining high standards and focusing on always moving forward.
  • We establish long-lasting relationships with our clients and value each of them as a member of the ICSC family.
  • We are respected in the MLM industry for the quality of our consulting and software services, the combination of which allows us to create REAL products for REAL life.

A combination of vision, hard work and these fundamental principles form the crucible in which iMLM was forged.

We can unequivocally state that when choosing iMLM, our clients are receiving not only years of experience accumulated by MLM and IT professionals but a unique product which is:

Whatever a software application is designed for, reliability and security should be its primary concerns. Application of .NET technology has mitigated that concern by building a secure layer at the .NET utility level thus releasing security concerns from the application level. Our proper implementation of .NET technology allows your users to keep a high level of confidence when working on-line.

Scalable and Expandable
Built on Web service standards, iMLM connects a broad range of technologies, allowing entrepreneurs to access and use important business data whenever and wherever it is needed.

Moreover, because of the component-based capabilities of XML Web Services, the technology secures the scalability and expandability of the solution. This allows for the incremental development of the solution, allows for future modifications, enhancements and provides easy and fast integration with partners and suppliers while combining data from different systems and subsystems to generate new opportunities.

Mobile controls provide you with the capability to target cell phones, PDA's and over 80 mobile Web devices for integration with iMLM.

Since Web Services are provided over the Internet, they are accessible wherever and whenever you need them. iMLM provides a wide range of management features for company owners and distributors alike:

  • Advanced and user-friendly content management mechanism
  • AutoShip interface
  • Suitable for start-ups and large companies
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Multiple business reports
  • Real-time compensation plan changes
  • Real-time commission tracking
  • Real-time genealogy (Downline) reporting
  • Security features for assigning different views and access rights to different users
  • Shipping integration
  • Support of multiple payment methods (VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc.)
  • Introduce your unique products and services for resale to other companies
  • And much more...

Ajax - Not just the brand name for powerful household cleaner but a recognized term describing a technology that delivers web content in a snappy and exciting way. iMLM Enterprise utilizes Ajax to pop up important information like context sensitive help, sales figures and genealogy information. Ajax delivers instant information without leaving the page you are viewing.