Education and E-learning Application Development

Bring Innovation and Value into the Learning Process

The advancements in technology have revolutionized the education domain and enabled learners of all levels and goals to benefit from digital channels. ICSC has extensive expertise in the education and e-learning vertical and can bring our knowledge and tech savvy to the development of advanced e-learning programs.

We offer IT development services and implementation assistance to education providers. This cooperation brings a perfect combination of best pedagogical practices and tech skills, merging them into a high-touch software product.

Our Horizontal Expertise and IT Software Development Skills in Education and E-learning Sector Include:

  • Web Content Management System Development
  • Standalone E-learning Software Development
  • Scheduling System Development
  • Reporting and Progress Assessment Software Development
  • Email Marketing and Mass Mailer Software Development
  • CRM Solutions Development
  • Electronic Library Software Development
  • Issue Tracking Application Development
  • Knowledge Base Application Development
  • Application Integration with Online Payment Systems and Social Communities

Choose ICSC Web Application Development Services to Improve your E-learning Expertise

ICSC works together with education providers, ISVs and ASPs to bring the difference through innovation and technology for the benefit of eager minds. The e-learning software that we developallows teachers and learners easily to connect with each other and harness video conferencing functionality for virtual lessons. IP technology enables distant learning programs and makes the overall communication cycle viable from any point around the globe.

We integrate planning and reporting tools into our e-learning solutions and take supporting activities to a much higher level, making the mentors’ work more efficient.

ICSC also has in-depth software engineering experience in knowledge repositories development, such as the electronic library solutions and knowledge management systems that have become common in corporate environments. These can be used for training personnel, distributing accumulated information and for documenting best business practices.

Latest Trends in the Education and E-Learning Domain

Nowadays, traditional learning techniques go hand in hand with e-learning systems; lessons and education activities in the classroom can even completely replaced with full-fledged e-learning programs that replicate traditional learning process.

Education providers strive to open up new opportunities to learners of various levels and abilities. Even conventional institutions like schools and universities are adopting new electronic systems for progress assessment and reporting, and benefit from scheduling apps that optimize their day-to-day activities.