OpenERP and Magento Integration

The Open ERP is elite Entrepreneur Resource Planning software that supports integration with numerous other software applications. Whenever an ERP is intended to associate with the Company’s Web Site for E- Commerce perspective, Magento is integrated with Open ERP, where, ‘Magento’ is a powerful, out-of the-box, rich in features, e-commerce tool used for E-Commerce site development. Thus integration of Open ERP with Magento provides multi functional capability to the site with robust Shopping cart experience wherein, Magento enacts efficient Front end platform for the web shop while Open ERP operates as perfect back office Application. Open ERP integration with Magento supports all business functions required by an enterprise.

ICSC avails best-of-breed solutions to integrate OpenERP and Magento. Our expertised team is specialized in Open ERP, has experience in integrating services with web applications and also has demonstrative understanding of the underlying technologies resulting in excellent business management.

The module we develop has the following features:
Magento to OpenERP sync

  • Magento Order will be created as a new Sales quotation/order in OpenERP automatically.
  • Customer created in Magento will get imported to OpenERP.
  • Product created in Magento will be imported to OpenERP.
  • Any update to Product attributes in Magento will get updated to OpenERP.
  • Magento Promotions can also be synced to OpenERP.
  • Bundled and Configurable Product can be imported to OpenERP.

OpenERP to Magento sync

  • OpenERP will host as a stock master and will continuously update Magento Stock.
  • Real stock of every product will be updated from OpenERP to Magento. Quantity in hand in OpenERP will be synced to Magento based on the Sales and purchases.
  • Any updates to Customer in OpenERP will get synced back to Magento
  • Any updates to Product in OpenERP will get synced back to Magento.
  • Delivery, Picking and Packing once created in OpenERP will get synced to Magento for the corresponding sale order.
  • Once Invoice is confirmed and paid .It will be synced to Magento and payment properly mapped to sales order.
  • Shipping information will be synced back from OpenERP to Magento,.
  • Email of shipping information will be sent to customer once their Delivery order is confirmed.