B2B Marketplace Solution

Nowadays Internet has been accepted globally as the most cost effective, profitable and penetrative medium to operate and promote business beyond any territorial limit. A well planned and technologically flawless platform is required to attract billions of customers searching for reliable products and service providers . The success of your e-business depends on the structure of this web platform. This may be a b2b website or b2c website or any other e-commerce solution.

B2B Web Portal
  • B2B web portal development
  • Business web portal development
  • B2B portal with ecommerce
  • B2B technology support
  • Business Process Automation
  • Systems Integration portal

Manufacturer & Wholesalers

  • Wholesale product website
  • Product suppliers site
  • Manufacturer's portal
  • Online shopping website
  • Online wholesaler web portal
  • Online tender portal
Online Trading Website
  • Buy sell website
  • B2B trade portal
  • Online B2B marketing
  • Online auction portal
  • Dating website
  • Online job oriented website


B2B Web Portal Development

  • B2B web portal is the platform for the two or more business organizations to promote and improve each others mutual business interests.
  • On the other hand, B2C website is the web platform upon which your company and your real world customers interact with each other for buying products and services offered, by making online payment. But a minor mistake in the development process of your b2b website or b2c website can lead to the overall failure of your company’s e-commerce solution.
  • B2B web development or b2c website development needs the creative and strategic incorporation of web page design, full featured catalog display, shopping cart integration , real-time payment gateway solution etc. based on php, asp, .net, vb script, java script development with access, my sql, oracle etc.
  • Database including facility to virtually pick-up products, auto calculation of cart and online payment via secured payment gateway solution