Website Development

ICSC has developed and maintained great level website platforms as well as provided a wide variety of IT solutions for our clients.

ICSC's application development began with complex online applications for direct clients. This business unit began seven years ago when ICSC began setting up dedicated technical teams for many clients around the world.

Thanks to the client’s satisfaction and trust, our service has not only approached more and more big projects but also become the first technical choice for many new businesses. Nowadays, a lot of digital firms have begun building large-scale platforms to meet business-driven client’s needs. Following that trend, ICSC has also developed advanced and large-scale technical solutions for many leading agencies in fields such as extranets, e-Commerce platforms, mobile platforms, web applications and many more.


  • Innovation products
  • Intranet & Extranet
  • Web portals
  • Large-scale plaftorms solutions
  • Large e-Commerce
  • Online Banking & Payment
  • Web applications ...