Enterprise Metrics Management (EMM)

The Accenture Enterprise Metrics Management Solution (EMM) uniquely includes all of the strategy, process and technology components needed for real-time performance monitoring. Key performance metrics are displayed on a rules-based dashboard in easy-to-read dials. The user can select any time period, drill down to lower levels of granularity and access trend information on screen. For example, clicking on the loss ratio dial enables the user to drill down to the product class level, showing the loss ratio on specific classes such as auto, commercial multi-peril or business owners’ coverage.

The EMM system feeds directly into the comprehensive reporting application. Web intelligence reports provide detailed and flexible real-time intelligence on the company’s performance against any chosen indicators. One widely used report is a loss-development triangle analyzing the year in which premiums were earned and the subsequent loss profile over time. The reporting is structured in a logical and hierarchical way, enabling executives to conduct root cause investigations into the most granular level at the click of a button.

What-if analytics and scenario planning
Our analytics tool provides sophisticated modeling capabilities, enabling performance data drawn from the EMM and reporting modules to be tested and trailed against changes in any chosen combination of variables. By moving the various levers on a dashboard, the user can investigate the impact of a proposed change in one element on the other inter-related components. For example, when reviewing business owners’ policies, what would be the impact of a change in base rates or territory modifiers on exposure? The user needs only to move the relevant levers to find out.

The benefits in action
Insurance companies now have a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution encompassing all the elements needed to support better decision making and achieve high performance.

The best way to appreciate the power of the Accenture BI Solution for Insurance is to see it in action. To arrange a live demonstration and a discussion about the benefits it can deliver to your business, please contact us.