Our Company

Founded in 2006, ICSC Corporation provides comprehensive web development and e-marketing solutions, especially on Web-based platform. We focus on designing advanced online presence campaigns combining corporate graphic design, programming, content authoring, and search engine marketing.

ICSC has the experienced expert team that are trained from credible universities in Vietnam and developed foreign countries. With the philosophy of keeping learning and applying knowledge flexibly in reality, we always bring to our clients best services and solutions with the resonable costs on purposed of building trust and last relationship with customers.  

Whenever you need a partner or organization who is able to create excellent website, experienced in building e-commerce systems or developing Web-based applications, we are always available for you.


With the flexible application of software development processes which are very popular in the world like CMMI, RUP, ISO, we are especially professional in designing, developing, integrating, programming and providing security for web applications and software as customers require.


ICSC’s employees are the combination of individuals who are talented, creative, and alway try their best to serve and satisfy customers. With the experience of managing projects and with the best technical competence, we have combined the uniqueness, creativity, flexibility, advanced technology, reality and devotion in order to bring high-quality products to our customers and be willing to meet all clients’ requirements with the best after-sell policy.


We are always careful in planning and pay attention to every detail in developing design, to time progress and cost in order to create an overall strategy for developing your system with the optimized result and resonable expense.


ICSC always meet the requirement of quality in all projects. We commit to bring the best products to our customers. You can completely trust us in quality, time, and after-sell policy.


With the purpose of building long-term relationship with customers, all employees at ICSC understand throroughly the value of devotion, time and customer’s privacy. Based on that, ICSC always attach special importance to the establishment of brand trust through high-quality products.