Corporate social responsibility

ICSC commits to perform our task excellently as well as contributes to the improvement and development of our community and environment.


At ICSC, we are responsible for the improvement in life quality of our employees, their families and our community where we live and work. We commit to put more effort and contribution to solve our customers’ problems with the support from science and technology. We also commit to use time and available resources to support everybody, enrich our community and protect environment. All these things are the definition of our corporate social responsibility.

The philosophy of our corporate social responsibility is the commitment to moral standards. Morality and integrity have been the core value for ICSC’s culture since the company was founded in 2006. Our prestige of following highest moral standards for individuals and the whole enterprise  is one of the factors that make our company successful. We always remind ourselves of the importance of the morality through Mission, Values, Credo, as well as our Acting Principles and Quality commitment.